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MPAA Putting Marbles In Studio Exec’s Mouths

This is a reference to a historical situation which was made known by the movie “The Kings Speech”. The future King of England had a serious stuttering problem. The best solution that the royal advisor could come up with was to insist on putting marbles in the prince’s mouth to try to control the stuttering. Of course this wasn’t a workable solution so another advisor was hired. But the first advisor would actually go out of his way to try and discredit the new advisor. The now royally incompetent advisor wanted everyone to overlook the fact that the competent advisor had a workable solution to the Prince’s problem, so openly criticized the new advisor for any and every reason. It became very obvious that the royally incompetent advisor cared more about his ego and position than about the solution to the Prince’s stuttering problem. Fortunately in this case the Prince didn’t listen and knew who was more competent and who could be trusted. This was a true story with a happy ending, and was a great story for a movie”
A happy ending is also what’s needed for the movie industry. They also need to stop listening to their advisors at the MPAA, because like the advice of the first royal advisor in the “The Kings Speech” it’s not working , not on any level. In fact, it’s an archaic unworkable strategy/solution to a modern problem that is actually very costly, and will continue to be, yet creates more problems and enemy’s for the industry.
History has been known to repeat itself. Right now former Senator Chris Dodd and the MPAA are the royally appointed advisors to the major movie studio CEO’s. These CEO’s have a very serious problem with movie piracy, and yet Chris Dodd would rather put marbles in their mouths, than allow them to know that someone else may have a workable solution.
What the movie studio CEO’s have not realized yet is that not only is Chris Dodd and the MPAA preventing them from meeting others with workable solutions to their problems, but that the studios own policies empower the MPAA to do this. The major movie studio employees state that their policy is to re-direct anything regarding movie piracy to the MPAA. This loop results in nothing but an exercise in ludicrousness.
If the present situation weren’t so serious, it would just be comical. However, movie piracy affects millions of people’s jobs and costs billions of dollars in lost profits annually. The studio CEO’s really shouldn’t be relying on one person and his bag of marbles to solve such a serious problem. Recent events have shown that at least Mr. Michael Lynton from Sony Pictures is beginning to question this.
Several previous attempts have been made to explain to the MPAA how they could be a valuable “facilitator“ in getting a workable solution to movie piracy to the studio CEO’s, however they chose to reply with silence.
It is clear that Chris Dodd and the MPAA are more concerned with their egos, and place in the industry, than in helping the industry stop movie piracy. The MPAA is closed minded, and the odds of them figuring out or obtaining a solution to movie piracy on their own is so extremely small that people already consider it to be impossible.
The time has come for the studio CEO’s and others in the movie industry to understand why the MPAA is unable to get a solution to movie piracy. It is really quite simple. The MPAA doesn’t understand IP (Intellectual Property), doesn’t value IP, doesn’t respect people with creative IP, doesn’t understand security, doesn’t understand technology, doesn’t understand the internet, and doesn’t understand business in todays world. The MPAA is a not-for-profit organization lead by a career politician with basically no experience in business or technology trying to solve a business and technical problem.
The MPAA`s current course of action is to blame anyone and everyone (including Google) for the industry’s problems, and they encourage (which some would say is more like manipulate) governments to turn society into police states. The people in the movie industry should be aware that this course of action will, as history has shown repeatedly, result in severe consequences for the movie industry, and especially for the movie studio CEO’s.
The MPAA promotes itself as the “voice” of the industry. Maybe they should be more concerned with being the “ears“ of the industry instead, because they are not equipped to solve this huge problem.
The MPAA was contacted several weeks ago regarding these issues for their comments and/or response before publication. Despite this being sent to eleven different places/people at the MPAA, and opened by them over 100 times, Their response was: “No Response”.
Glenn Stencell is an Intellectual Property Protection Expert who is a specialist in the movie industry, and has a workable solution to movie piracy.
Glenn can be reached at his email